The crowdfund launch of The UnPatient Revolution has been moved to after the Thanksgiving weekend. I am re-designing the campaign to make it possible for donors to gift products/scholarships to cancer patients in their own name or in the name of someone they wish to honor. It’s a wonderful way to imbue meaning to your gift giving this holiday season. These gifts will help cancer battlers with much-needed education & inspiration.  I want this campaign to have as large an impact as it possibly can so I do want to take the time to tweak and perfect the pitch design.  Thank you for understanding.

I hope to see you next week as one of the pioneering partners/supporters of The UnPatient Revolution.  Help me to reach the goal of equipping at least 1000 cancer patients with the URx BattleSuite  in 2016.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

Warm regards,