Exponential Medicine 2014 is Streaming Live in UStream!

One of the most important things that Will Weisman, Executive Director of Conferences at Singularity University mentioned at his talk earlier is that for the very first time, Exponential Medicine is livestreaming to the public for FREE!  This is knowledge worth its weight in gold and I can’t recommend highly enough that you take the time to view the live stream, which previously was only available to participants at what many consider prohibitive prices.

Here’s are a couple of links to the live stream!  If I were you, I’d try to move my schedule in order to view it in its entirety if possible.


I didn’t actually know that there was a livestream previously, otherwise I would not have planned on doing a liveblog, because a livestream basically defeats the purpose of a liveblog!  For this reason and others that I will explain in my next piece, I’m changing my coverage plans.  My next post will explain how I am shifting the way I will do my coverage that hopefully will provide the greatest value to the unpatient community and the community at large.


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