N.E.D. Announcement

Stanford Chief of Oncology Makes N.E.D Announcement

Dr. George Sledge Makes N.E.D. Announcement

Chief of Oncology of Stanford Cancer Center pronounces Victoria Ferro with No Evidence of Disease after 10 years fighting Advanced Stage Cancer

Last month I celebrated my 10th year of survivorship from my first diagnosis of Mucinous Carcinoma by Dr. Diana Cua through a core needle biopsy with results coming out October 5, 2005. I also celebrated the pronouncement of my oncologist, Chief of Oncology at the Stanford Cancer Center, that I am finally N.E.D. or No Evidence of Disease, after 10 years of fighting. This same time last year I was still recovering from a Lobectomy that excised one half of my left lung just two months before. December to January I went through 6 weeks of daily radiation and just last May had a major complex large lumpectomy with a free flap abdominal reconstruction. In between and till today I have been taking the hormonal drug called Lupron via a monthly injection.

To be N.E.D. after 10 years of fighting is definitely a milestone but the battle is far from over since I’ve already had 2 recurrences in the past.  A major challenge is keeping another recurrence at bay and that is a complex problem that requires multi-factorial thinking.  More on this on my next post.

– Victoria Ferro


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